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 Hospitality Management Programme (2019/20)
酒店及旅遊管理課程 (2019/20)
*Open for Application *
1Higher Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management
(2-year, FT mode)
酒店款待管理高級文憑 (酒店及餐飲) (二年全日制)
Yes   是
2Diploma in Hotel and Holiday Business Operations
(1-year, FT mode)
酒店及旅遊業務營運文憑 (一年全日制)
Yes   是
3YM Career 360 Project 
(2-year, PTD mode)
YM酒店旅遊360計劃 (二年兼讀制(日間))
Yes   是
 Design and Art Programme (2019/20)
設計與藝術課程 (2019/20)
*Open for Application *
1Professional Diploma in Creative Design (Visual
Communication) (1-year, PTD mode)
創意設計專業文憑(視藝設計) (一年兼讀制(日間))
Yes   是
2 Diploma in Innovative Design (1-year FT mode)
創意設計文憑 (一年全日制)
Yes   是

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