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    YMCA Venue and teaching facilities YMCA Venue and teaching facilities  for guests .

    • 曼谷郵展2007小型張
    • 布拉格世界郵展
    • 聯合國生物多樣性郵票
    • 郵票發行150周年小傳張
    • 郵票發行150周年小傳張
    • 郵票發行150周年珍貴小冊

    Exhibitors: Ken Sir/Chak Sir/Simon Sir/ Leung Sir/Benny Sir/Edmond Sir

    • 傑出華文漢字設計作品展
    • Graphis Competitions, Poster Annual 2014 Award: Gold

    This Gallery is opened for public inputs!Should you wish to submit a public input, please send it via e-mail to the following address: info_coc@ymca.org.hk

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    This Gallery is for our students showing game concept,  3D, and computor Graphics

    This gallery is for our photography’s students

    This Gallery is opened for our Interior Design’s students

    This Gallery is opened for our Visual art Design’s students.

    The practice of drawing can strengthen your art level .It improve your observation in terms of  rendering of shape, tone, color, pattern and texture through medias. You can learn the drawing and painting skills  here.

    3D modeling is a process of developing a mathematical representation of any 3D surface  object. This workshop teaches you how to build up a model.